Bill Adamantidis, painter and coppersmith
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Bill Adamantidis was born in Athens, Greece.

His skills and abilities working with Copper were developed as he learned from established and recognized Greek Craftsmen. Over the years he developed his own techniques and tools by branching out into acrylics, oils and watercolors.

In 1972, he had his first gallery show at the Noe Spiritual Centre Gallery in Piraeus, the Port of Athens.

He developed an interest in Mythology and Religious motifs after attending courses in Decoration and Design. This prompted him to travel the world and brought him to Edmonton, Canada.

In Edmonton, he stimulated his interest for the Visual Arts by attending the University of Alberta, where he continued to develop his skills by learning new techniques in acrylics, oils and portraits.

In 1977, he and his family moved to the greater Vancouver area, where he now resides.

Bill is currently a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. He is also an important member of the Famous Open Door Studio Arts Society. This group is dedicated to the support and development of upcoming visual artists and has organized important community exhibitions. These include the 2003 “Famous

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Art excites me, gives me pleasure.

Forms, shapes, proportionality,
light and shadow integrate to
form an individual, unique and
profound expression from within.

That excitement makes me create art,
producing pleasure as I choose
materials that become a challenge
as I explore and experiment with
their unique textures and their inner
structures and external surfaces.

Time becomes a witness in the process
of mastering my work with Copper,
extracting figures, bringing out reliefs
and figures, discovering new techniques
that result in a fresh and inventive work.

That’s how I feel when I finish my work.

I have also dedicated time to master
Icon painting, and I continue to explore
other landscape and figurative work on
canvas and paper. I enjoy working
in Abstract thoughts, as this provides
me with freedom and opportunity to
carry on experimenting with new
approaches and techniques.

Everything becomes a project within
myself, challenging every aspect of my life.

Mythology and traditional scenes from
Greece and Canada are both core
themes in my work.

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Home Mail:
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